Boscam GS920 RX Module Bay

The ancient Boscam GS920 get a much needed upgrade to support diversity by adding a 3d printed module bay to the from. The RX of choice is the Eachine PRO58 flashed with Pirx.

I happened to have an old Eachine dvr laying around that I always wanted to hookup to my goggles but never got around to. So this was the perfect time to make a mount for both. The female pin headers are two 3-pin headers (just like a servo has) glued to the side of the 3d printed mount with E6000 glue.

The voltage regulator is a cheap adjustable step down converter. I adjusted this and then glued the potentiometer in place with some more E6000 to make sure it never gets bumped off of 5v.

This was a super cheap upgrade compared to buying a whole new set of goggles and I still have the 2.4ghz ability that the Boscam GS920 had to start with if I ever want it.