FilmCell Back Light

Have you ever looked at prices for back light panels for film cells? Well I have any they are expensive. This project is not expensive and has the added benefit of not having any wires running down your walls.

Only a few things are required for this:

  • 0802 bright white leds (two per FilmCell)
  • 2mm or 3mm clear acrylic
  • Aluminum tape
  • A TP4056 charger board off ebay (I used one with a usb C connector)
  • A battery (I used a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 battery)
  • Magnet wire (enamel wire)
  • Thin Plasticard (hobby shops have this)

The panels are a layer of plsticard then acrylic then aluminum tape. The leds are super glued to the edges of these, two per cell one on either side. I ran all of mine in parallel. Then join up each finished panels negative to the Out – on your TP4056 charge board. For the positive side I put a switch between the panels and the board.