Monoprice Modern Retro Headphones Removable Cord Jack Cap

So I picked up a pair of the Monoprice Modern Retro Headphones to replace my old Sennheiser HD202’s. The HD202’s had a great sound but had started hurting my ears recently. So I decided to upgrade to a true over ear set of headphones.

After my usual crazy level of researching the best bang for the buck, I landed on the Monoprice Modern Retro. They had one downside and that was the lack of removable cable. Also the cable that comes with them is loose and will wiggle around and make noise. Not noise on the audio line but the strain relief plastic hits the plastic of the headphone casing and makes noise.

I of course have the design skills as well as a 3d printer so I set out to correct the problem for me and as usual here is the link to the file so you can fix up your own cans.