450 Quadcopter Build

The quadcopter frame is a f450 clone from hobby king. I have only had one crash with it so far but its built in failure points worked very well. The arms are designed to snap rather than damage more expensive parts. Arms are about $4 each and a whole frame is only $18 or some thing like that so its better to just buy two frames that way you have spares of every thing

The one crash was a result of signal loss on the RC system. It happened right after a bump into the ground from maybe three feet up. I’m guessing that it probably moved the power around enough to reset the receiver. This resulted in a fall from about 80 feet up and only one arm broken.

I’m running 5.8ghz for FPV flying and you can see my ground station project for more info about that end of the FPV setup. Antennas are hand made from plans on rcgroups.com as I’m cheap and like to tinker. The flight controller enclosure is 3d printed (not by me yet) and I went threw a couple revisions of that before I got it the way I wanted it.