Custom Lego Minifigure and Hot Wheels Shadowbox

After looking around for a shadow box deep enough to hold our simpsons lego minifigures and simpsons hot wheels cars I had to make my own. Most shadow boxes are not deep enough to handle the cars and some of the minifigures. The build is very simple in that its pine and for the joints I simply used butt joints with wood glue and screws. The bottom most board is not glued so you can remove it and then slide out the lexan to load the shadowbox. The back of it is simply thick matting board from hobby lobby stapled to the back and cut to size.

Flexible LED strips off ebay are used to provide light for each shelf of the display. I hot glued in a couple of sections of juice box straw into the corners and painted it black to run the LED wiring threw. This helps to keep every thing clean and neat. The shelves are pine as well and simply glued into place as there not supporting much weight. The only thing left to do now is finish the wiring, put some mounting hardware on and hang it.